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What to Do on Bad Mental Health Days

Updated: Apr 15

This will be a short post today because I want to get it out there as soon as possible. I was not having the best mental health today or last night. I woke up with a negative attitude after falling asleep too late from being awake with anxious thoughts. Here is what I did today to turn my day around and get that negativity out of me:

- Cleaned my entire house / apartment

- If cleaning your entire space is too much, try to start with the area you chill in the most

- Had a cup of coffee (something I don't usually do, but I needed the energy today)

- Lit a candle

- Worked out

- This can be lifting weights which I like to do to help focus my pain to another point of my body, walking, running, yoga, pilates, etc.

- Also it can be a light work out if you do not have much energy

- Made myself a home-cooked meal / comfort food / favorite meal

- Took a shower

- Made the bed

- Organized

- Went for a drive

- Listened to my favorite songs (nothing too sad or triggering) (think happy songs!)

- Cuddled my dog

- Sang / danced to my favorite songs

- Called my mom (can also be a close friend)

- Drank plenty of water

- Watched my favorite show (or movie)

- Enjoyed some time outside

- Wore comfy clothes

- Stretched

- Read a book

- Wrote this blog post!

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