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Self-Care Tips

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Millions of people struggle with their mental health every day, but a lot of us do not talk about it or even know how to handle it. I have made a list of some activities I like to do when I'm feeling down. I consider these activities to be "self-care" because I'm giving myself time out of the day to focus on doing what makes me feel good. Sometimes, we forget to take that time to ourselves which results in feeling down. If you're having an off day, feel free to come back to this list and try some of the things on it.

- Get outside

- Read a book

- Write in a journal

- Do a face mask

- Stretch your body

- Take a bath

- Go for a walk

- Breathe (this seems obvious, but we forget to sit down and just breath for a second.)

- Listen to music

- Drink water

- Watch your favorite movie/TV show

- Dance

- Exercise

- Play your favorite game

- Eat good, healthy foods (ex: fruits, vegetables, nuts)

- Color / draw / paint

- Laugh

- Put on comfy clothes

- Cry (crying is sometimes what we need)

- Think positive

- Unplug (turn off your phone/computer/tv)

- Smile!

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